At HideSeek, we're on a mission to create Real Life Recess!

We want to take you back in time by reigniting the carefree spirit of childlike wonder. Through our immersive experience and nostalgic-inspired apparel, our goal is to bring people of all ages together to release their inner-child.

The journey so far!

Our journey began in 2019 with the launch of our immersive pop-up experience in Toronto, Canada. The experience features numerous photo-friendly and interactive installations. After sold-out runs in both Toronto and Montreal, we can't wait to announce HideSeek’s next pop-up location!

In April 2019, we launched our first ever apparel line, The Recess Collection, inspired by the timeless sensation of nostalgia. The Recess Collection is HideSeek's first-ever form of apparel, blending casual 2020 styles with graphics and catchphrases from your childhood.

HideSeek Apparel

As an ongoing extension of the IRL experience, HideSeek is excited to announce our second collection of apparel, The Dreamer Collection, bringing the HideSeek experience right to people's homes!

So…we invite our community to join us on our adventure, as we HIDE from reality and SEEK a world of childlike wonder.

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