Our Story


HideSeek is a pop-up experience inspired by childhood nostalgia. As an interactive installation, this multi-sensory adventure excites in person and impresses in photos. HideSeek brings childlike wonder to life and fulfills the universal dream of adulthood: to feel like a kid again. The first HideSeek location was in Toronto where we saw guests of all ages release their inner child! Now, we are so excited to bring HideSeek to Montreal this Fall. Montreal, ready or not, here we come!


The Toronto Team


Lee Davis
CEO and Co Founder

Emanuel Katsnelson
COO and Co Founder

Hannah Walsh
Communications Coordinator

Lavinia Maria
Branding and Creative Director

Anya Mielniczek
Lead Production and Designer

Nicole Rosenberg
PR Director

Nikki Lewis
Communications Director

Catherine Cramer
Event Coordinator

Danielle Horvath
Social Marketing Director

Marly Dichter


Thank you to the entire production team who helped build the HideSeek experience!


Rob Matejka, Tommy Matejka, Rita Kal, Fiana Katsnelson, Mike Katsnelson, Joefrey Anthony, Raoul Olou, Natashia Faustino, Avleen, Siddharth Khaire, Marlee Mandel, Meaghan Kehoe, Alex Brown, Mel Coleman, Charlotte Ficek, Lexi Alter, Samantha Dayhin, Lidia Gontcharova, John Arango, Eric Yanofsky, Rebecca Schreiber, Robyn, Hailey Rose Malkin, Lauren Goldman, Melissa Gonik, Sydney Bielas, Nikki Bielas, Laurie Davis